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Monday, October 16, 2017

      Good Monday Morning everyone,
Grace and peace to you in the Name of the Lord our God.
      What an absolutely wonderful and sunny Monday the Lord has granted us here today. It is WOW! After the rains and winds that many of us experienced yesterday, this is absolutely wonderful. It's cool, but then again, it is the Fall. And now that the winds have died down, I don't think I need to pick up my neighbour's stuff that has been blowing around any longer. (Yes, I am smiling! I have great neighbours! Mostly.)
      Linda and I took possession of our very first home on Friday. What a thrill it is, and our thanks to the members of the Bethel Reformed Church. In his congratulations, one of the Elders reminded me that now come the chores. And, they are there. Thankfully we can handle them one at a time.
      One of those chores that needs to be done this week is the moving of stones. Our neighbour to the back is putting in a new fence and we have stones that are in the way. I am not talking about the big stones, the ones I wish that were there. No, these are the little white garden stones that we placed behind the shed some years ago so that the children Linda was caring for would not throw them all over the place. That, in hindsight, was not a good idea or choice.
      Firstly, I noticed a year ago that the water from the shed roof (after the rains) was starting to eat away at the bottom of the shed. Even though we have an eavestrough there, it did not seem to help. Now I have a shed that has a rotted back wall which I will have to take care of. Secondly, now I have to move the stones, which was not any easy task the first time either. I am grateful for a couple of families who came are "relieved" us from a bunch, but I didn't know there were so many! Wow. And, now to get them out of their "forever" place, is a difficult thing to do.
      When I put the stone there, they were nice and white, even glistening in the sunshine. Now they are dark, covered with dirt and mud. (Please, don't feel sorry for me, ok? It's my own doing.) Just like the things that I do wrong, which at times become sin in my life. We all have them, and they seemed so pretty and wonderful at first, but now are not only dirty, but difficult to get rid of.
      Thankfully, I have help to move the stones. However, I am even more grateful for the fact that I have help with those things in my life that I find so difficult to remove. God's great redemption in Christ Jesus is not only available, but through His Spirit He makes it possible. Confession of sin and true repentence brings about a freedom from those very things that cling to us so closely. In Jesus, I have relief from the sins that try to destroy me - and you! Jesus is our only answer and to Him we come for mercy and grace.
      The house will have more challenges and chores. But each of us, setting our own spiritual house in order, needs to be begin with that first step in following and serving Jesus. Others will notice and wonder about the change in us, as we humble ourselves each day before the Lord our God Who loves us so deeply.
      Be blessed, and be a blessing
      in the love of Jesus,