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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

      Greetings, everyone;
May grace, mercy and peace be multiplied to you in Jesus.
      It's beginning to look like a rainy day today. What a blessing that is - along with the rain we had last night! We think of all the dry places in this world, the wold fires to prove that very point. We have a border collie (I know, what were we thinking! But years too late for that thought.) She loves to smell the air, and it is like she can either hear, or smell a thunder storm miles away. Her bark tries to send into another direction, but generally doesn't work that way. We all know that! However, since it is so dry here, I am willing to put up with the barking -- just not a lot of it!
      You will note, if you read or listen to the news, that this has been a summer to think! Not politics, but creation. Paul writes that all of creation moans and groans with the sins of humankind. It, too, is seeking redemption, a renewal. So are Christians, or at least we should be.
      As I was preparing for this coming Sunday, I Googled "The Signs of His Coming." I was fascinated that there is so much there, but even more by the fact that a song was first of the list. It is called, "I Can Hear the Sounds of His Coming," by Lannie Wolfe. The song is a reminder that the signs are all around us, and that we, as believers, need to receptive hearts to the signs. Here's the chorus:
      "And I can hear the sound of His coming everywhere
      They're getting louder and louder each day
      And they'll crescendo until that great and final sound
      When the trumpet shall call me away."
      We are living in the days, when we are reminded by preachers and prophets alike that Jesus is coming back. For us to be ready, ever vigilant, ever seeking that great day with all of our being, is to live before the throne of God. We pray, "Your Kingdom come." Let us live as those who are seeking for the redemption of all of creation, when all will again be like the days of creation -- perfect and whole.
      Be mindful of the things the scriptures teach us, and live in full expectation
In the love of Jesus,