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Monday, June 18, 2018

      Good Monday Morning everyone;
May grace, mercy and peace be multiplied to you in Jesus.
      They say that "life is an adventure." I have never been sure about who "they" are, but I believe that it's true. That is, if this past weekend is any indication of how life should be.
      It began simply enough: our daughter and son are building a floating deck behind their home. So on Friday night, it was a trip (or two) to the lumber store, and fill up the vans with wood for the project. That was no problem, since the men at the lumber store did all the work. On the way home on the second trip, we encountered a woman whose car was blocking the road. The problem, she said, was that the car would not go in reverse, and then wouldn't go forward either. You have to believe me, but I am the last person in the province you want to have a look at your car and figure out the problem. But, she invited me to try, and I did. To all of our surprise, the car did whatever I wanted it to do.
      With that little victory behind us, it was back to the lumber. The real obstacle to it being a good project to help her with was an absent son (at work) and fourteen steps up from the driveway to the back yard. I won't take the time to explain, but it's true: fourteen steps up. The least I can say is that our bodies were hot, tired and sore when we arrived home. (Truth be told, and keep this a secret: it was kind of fun!)
      Since it was a bit damp in the basement at home (humidity will do that), Linda asked me to move the dehumidifier into the family room. Not a problem. Except that the machine was in my "new office" and as I walked in there to get it, the floor was soaking wet! Oops: the hot water tank had begun to leak. With mops in hand, towels all over, we began to clean up the mess. Somewhere along the line, Linda thought of calling for help, and help arrived! Thank you, Jerry and David!! With their help the mess was cleaned up even faster. We were blessed by their being there, and with the company coming out the next morning to fix the problem.
      I have to tell you that there was a mixup at the lumber store. We have way TOO MUCH lumber, screws and other stuff not even needed, and not enough decking. I believe it would have been done by now, but what is a project without a snafu?
      Life is an adventure, alright. Again, I am not complaining, but the little things of life keep us humble and close to the Lord, especially when things don't go according to plan.
      Now, I am sitting safely in the church office, getting some things done before a birthday party for our grandson later today. Hopefully, it will rain some today, so that the trees and grass and crops will find nourishment. And, I pray, that it will remind us of the One Who nourishes our souls with His living water in Christ Jesus.
      So, in your adventure of life this week, it is my prayer you will walk closely with God, and trust Him for whatever happens next.
in the love of Jesus,